Find out who your client is, who your competitors client is, what satisfies them, what is the latest trend, and what decisions did they have to make to result to their choice.  

Market Research is not longer a competitive advantage, but an absolute necessity for any institution or company that wishes to remain competitive in today’s world. It is also an imperative element for every marketing plan, business plan or any new venture.

Market Research is one of our core services and one that we have honed through decades of successfully delivering projects, both quantitative and qualitative, each unique in its nature. We have serviced local and international clients, SMEs and globally expanded conglomerates. These institutions have entrusted their marketing, social and political questions in our ability to deliver robust, impactful and concise insights.


In depth Market Research Services


  • Awareness, Usage & Attitude Surveys
  • Brand Image Surveys
  • Concept / Product Testing & Name Tests
  • Segmentation Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Shopping Habits & Purchasing Behaviours
  • Omnibus & Panel Surveys

Advertising & Media Research

  • Advertising Pre and Post Testing
  • Day-after recall Tests & Effectiveness
  • Radio Listenership, TV Viewership & Press Readership Surveys

Business to Business

  • Corporate Image & Market Assessment Studies
  • Inter-client and In-house Surveys

Qualitative Research

  • Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews, Mystery Shopping

Public Opinion

  • Social Research
  • Public Opinion Polls
  • Voting Intention
  • Exit-Polls

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