Horwath HTL - Cyprus

Horwath HTL, is a global tourism consulting powerhouse, renowned for over 100 years of exceptional business operations in the tourism industry globally

For over two decades, Cypronetwork Consultancy Group proudly serves as Horwath HTL – Cyprus. As a trusted partner, we have harnessed their extensive expertise and global network to provide unrivaled consultancy services in the tourism, hotel & leisure sector in Cyprus.

With a focus on strategic planning, market analysis, and development solutions, our membership partnership ensures that businesses in Cyprus receive the highest level of professional.

About us

Our Partnership with Horwath HTL

Join us as we continue to shape and elevate the tourism landscape in Cyprus through our steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation.

More than

years of Leadership

Presence in


Planning & Development

  1. National & regional tourism development plans
  2. Appraisal reports
  3. Destination & Large-scale project master planning
  4. Use analysis
  5. Hotel operator selection
  6. Market Assessment & Market tourism analysis
  7. Concept development
  8. Market & Feasibility studies
  9. Strategic planning

Asset management & Operational Support

  1. Asset management advisory
  2. Benchmarking
  3. Best practice analysis
  4. Capital expenditure cost/benefit analysis
  5. Operational reviews
  6. Owner representation
  7. Reposition strategy & analysis
  8. Sales, marketing & revenue management
  9. Training and Recruitment

Transactional Advice & Finance restructuring

  1. Asset valuation
  2. M & A advisory
  3. Due Dilligence
  4. Investment strategy & advise
  5. Loan work out
  6. Transaction management