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Cookies are small files on your computer that can store information that is transmitted each time you access the internet. They are transmitted through your browser to your computer’s hard drive. Cookies cannot relay any information from a computer system. Instead, the use of cookies makes returning to a website as simple and user-friendly as possible. Some cookies remain on the computer’s hard drive so that your computer can be identified on your next visit. You can change your browser options at any time to disable the cookies.

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Cypronetwork (hereinafter Cypronetwork) uses cookies for a variety of purposes:

  • to improve your user experience on the online services we offer.
  • to collect statistical data which we may provide to third parties, but only in such a way that this data cannot lead to the identification of the user.
  • to operate this website in a way that allows and/or facilitates any form of communication.
  • to manage any applications linked to the Website.
  • to provide you with information and/or updates related to products and services that you may be interested in.
  • Categories of cookies

Description: They are necessary for strictly technical purposes for the normal visit of the Website. Due to the technical necessity, the obligation to inform is exclusively applicable and these cookies are stored from the moment you visit our websites.

Identify and analyze the number of visitors to the website and how users navigate through it. These cookies support us to improve the way the website works, to improve the content of the website or as a basis for certain topics of great interest.

When you consent to the use of these cookies, we can provide you through third parties with special features within the Website such as notifications, social media sharing and to enhance the content that best meets your interests.

By activating these cookies, we record your visits to our website and the links you follow. This allows us to provide you with advertisements more relevant to your interests. This information may also be shared with third parties for the same purpose.

Some cookies may be provided by third parties and are related to online services that other providers deliver through cookies or through the use of certain types of technology. These providers collect personal data and – according to their statement – may share this data with third parties.