About us

Success is a different destination for each one of us, and so is the path to it. For us it lays in enabling our partners to reach theirs. For 35+ years now we have been growing by our clients side, evolving according to their needs and constantly pushing forward.

We are not your average template user. Flexibility and tailor made approaches is what characterizes us best. From local market research projects to holistic organizational reform plans we’ve seen it all, from project design to implementation.

Nowadays the group is comprised of 3 companies for more focused specialization. CMRC Cypronetwork Ltd, the heart and connecting link, where all the general business consulting, marketing and market research takes place. Q Network Consulting Ltd, focuses on areas such as Health and Safety, ISO, training and systems of all kinds, and Horwath HTL Cyprus which represents the world’s No. 1 Tourism consulting network in Cyprus, Greece and Iran.

Still not clear on who we are? No problem. Just head to our Get in Touch section and drop us a line. We would be happy to buy you a coffee, further present ourselves and get to know who you are, what success is for you, and how we can help you get there.

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