Market research & Data Analysis

Market Research

CMRC Cypronetwork Consultancy Group provides a variety of services to assist businesses and organizations in making informed decisions, identifying opportunities and challenges and developing strategies that promote growth and success.

Market Research Services, Tools and capabilities

Understanding industry trends, customer behavior and rival actions requires market research. Among our market research services are:

    • Ad hoc and syndicated surveys: Our ad hoc surveys are tailored research studies designed to suit the specific demands and questions of our clients. In contrast, our syndicated surveys are pre-designed surveys that are completed on a regular basis to provide market insights and trends. Both types of surveys provide vital information to businesses, allowing them to make educated decisions and gain a competitive advantage.


    • Usage and Attitude surveys: This service is used to learn how customers interact with and perceive a product or service. They can provide useful information about consumer behavior, preferences and sentiments toward a brand, product, or service. They can be used to discover areas for improvement, optimize marketing strategies and measure brand recognition and loyalty.


    • Qualitative Research: It provides a comprehensive grasp and insights into human behavior, attitudes and motivations and much more. Non-numerical data, such as in-depth interviews and focus groups findings, are collected and analyzed. Qualitative research can be used to investigate complicated social phenomena, generate novel hypotheses and get a better knowledge of the context in which people live, that you cannot obtain through quantitative methods.


    • Media and Advertising Research: It provides information on how consumers interact with various media outlets and advertising initiatives. It assists advertisers in understanding the success of their marketing efforts, determining the best media mix and measuring the effectiveness of their campaigns.


    • Consumer and bb Surveys: This service provides information about consumer preferences, behaviors and attitudes toward goods and services. They assist firms in understanding their target audience’s wants and needs, measuring customer satisfaction and identifying areas for development. bb surveys provide significant insights into firms’ purchasing decisions, supplier preferences and decision-making processes. They can be used to create focused marketing strategies and improve client retention.


    • Opinion Polls and Social Research: It provides information about public attitudes, opinions and beliefs. They assist governments, companies and individuals in making sound decisions and shape policies. Opinion polls provide useful information on public sentiment on political issues, societal trends and consumer behavior. Social research can aid in the identification of social problems, the understanding of underlying causes and the development of successful responses.


    • Brand Equity and Loyalty: This tool provides information on a brand’ s strength and its capacity to retain customers. Brand equity and loyalty surveys assist organizations in understanding how their brand is seen by consumers, measuring brand awareness and loyalty and identifying chances for brand distinctiveness. Brand equity and loyalty are critical criteria for determining the efficiency of marketing initiatives and a brand’ s long-term performance.


    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: We create and execute customer satisfaction surveys to collect input from customers about their interactions with a company’s products or services . This gives companies significant insights into client perceptions and expectations, allowing them to improve customer happiness and loyalty.


    • Mystery Shopping: Evaluation of the customer experience, sales process and service quality by simulating a real customer interacting with a business without the knowledge of the business.


  • Panel Surveys: When you make any business decision, you need to have the right evidence and data to make it happen. Assumptions and instincts do not lead to long-term success. Businesses must be able to trust the data collected and know that it has not been influenced by bias or other factors. Conducting research through Consumer Panels gives certainty to decisions and allows businesses to fully embrace the strategies that will be based on their results.

Consumer panels are a useful technique for gathering feedback, testing products, discovering behaviors and gaining insights. It is essentially a standard data collection technique. Their purpose is to measure what consumers do and like. They allow different companies to test or evaluate products and services with less risk than a full launch which requires the investment of much more resources.

Benefits Panel Surveys

The sample is stable and the profile of each participant is clear, surveys with the panel methodology allow:

    • accurate recording of consumer behavior


    • in-depth information


    • to follow any change in consumer behavior


    • the determination of Gain & Loss vs Competition


    • the ability to determine the typology of consumers along with any habits and preferences


    • accurate comparison with competition (depending on sample)


  • the effective targeting of Marketing actions

Why Choose Us?

    • Expertise: Our team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in Market Research. With years of industry knowledge and insights, we have the expertise to develop tailored solutions that align with your business objectives.


    • Customized Approach: We believe that every business is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Market research. We take the time to understand your operations, targets and competition in order to create a customized research plan that can help you take the lead.


    • Integrated Solutions: We offer a wide range of services that cover every aspect of Market Research. From media and advertising research and consumer / B2B surveys and panel surveys we provide comprehensive solutions that work seamlessly together to deliver exceptional results.


    • Cypronetwork has 35+ years’ experience and is widely recognized as the leading consulting firm in Cyprus with robust strategic alliances such as Scholz and Friends Communication.


    • Howarth HTL sole representative in Cyprus.


  • We combine local knowledge and international experience.

What to Expect

An excellent Audit service is necessary for any company to be financially sound. Our Audit & Assurance services ensure that there is no mistake or wrongdoing in your company undetected. Some companies have the mistaken idea that audits are only necessary when malicious wrongdoings occur in the data. Thus any company that is large enough needs to have outside audit and assurance done. Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to: